Yoga for Self-Regulation

“Someone who has good emotional self-regulation has the ability to keep their emotions in check. They can resist impulsive behaviors that might worsen their situation, and they can cheer themselves up when they’re feeling down. They have a flexible range of emotional and behavioral responses that are well matched to the demands of their environment.”
– Andrea L. Bell LCSW, SEP from good

Yoga practice’s big WHY has been guiding and supporting practitioners in developing self regulating tools since its beginnings. As human beings, we all have a yearning for balance, clarity and direction. Regular yoga practices are well documented and known to simply make us feel better in many ways and slowly, with intention and habit forming; the gift of carving awareness so we can see our patterns, reactions, triggers and physical imbalances.

Self regulation happens also at a biological level in our bodies, as well as in our nervous system. This workshop is an offering to dive into specific practices that support the development of these skills.

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With a chair

Elongating the spine is required every day for health! In this offering we lengthen the spine using traction. At home, you can use a chair or sofa to help provide traction to release compression in your lower back and waist. Our main prop will be a chair and we will add blocks, blankets, and a bolster to support the shapes.

As we hang by a support we allow free movement, regaining space and ease along the midline.

This workshop is for all levels and will be recorded.

Props Needed:

  • Chair
  • Wall
  • Blocks
  • Strap
  • Blankets / Bolsters

The Key to All Postures

Do you feel unstable while practicing standing postures? Have you experienced lower back sensitivity after you finish a class?

Whether you have been practicing for a while or are just starting your yoga journey, this workshop is designed to understand, bring awareness, and put into practice the fundamentals of Mountain Pose.

The principles applied will engage our feet, knees, leg muscles, and hips and will awaken your physical, energetic, mental, and emotional layers. You will understand how to engage the mentioned areas and feel how your poses will change for the better.

All postures are born from Tadasana. We will practice lots of different variations of this asana with the help of props to awaken muscles and draw the energy needed to bring stability, strength, and ease. From there, we will apply the experience to lunges, downward dogs, warriors, balancing asanas, and more.

Props Needed:

  • Wall
  • Blocks
  • Strap
  • Blanket

Yoga for the Knees

The knees can be challenging to stabilize, as they often suffer from torque or strain in the upper or lower leg. In this class, we will begin by strengthening the foot arches in order to support the knees. We will safely move with the use of props to increase mobility in the knees and adjacent areas, and we will develop greater physical vitality, stamina, and balance.

As we age, knees become precarious. If you are/were an athlete, if you were born with sensibility in the joints, if you have or had osteoarthritis or else, your knees have been affected with time. Accidents affect the knees as well because they are in the center of the leg.

The knee joint is sturdy but also vulnerable to stress and dysfunction. By practicing passive and active forms of movement, we will develop more resistance, fluidity and vitality to the overall knee joint.

This workshop is open to all levels and will give you tools to practice regularly.

Props Needed:

  • Blocks
  • Strap
  • Blanket

Not Your Mama’s Hip Mobility Workshop

Have you suffered of tight hips? Do you feel your lower back being compressed when driving? Have you tried hip opening postures that feel unattainable?

This workshop is an opportunity to explore and deepen range of movement, develop strength around the hip joint muscles, access scar tissue, find how understanding the hip joint function can help your daily standing-walking habits, and give you the chance to rewire some old patterns.

Through a variety of floor, seated, and standing exercises, we will gradually access the joints, strengthen, and make space in the hip area. Many of the postures are not usual asanas but simple mobile ways to fire up hip muscles, joints, and give space to the lower back. We will use chairs, blocks, blankets, therapy balls, and belts.

It is required to bring a “resistance loop band,” also called Theraband, for some of the practices we will do.

A Pain in the Neck (And How To Get Rid of It)

Do you suffer from neck/shoulder pain? Have you tried stretching exercises, massage, acupuncture, or other passive therapies with only short-term results? If the answer is yes, this workshop may be what you need.

There’s proof that only stretching your neck won’t fix the aches and pains. The neck muscles and tissues need strength to support the load of the head and better your posture.

In this workshop, we will be specifically working exercises and sequences to bring awareness and strengthen neck muscles, shoulder joints, and rewire the load we place in our tissues around the area.

We will be using therapy balls, blocks, straps, the wall, among other props to do this. Many exercises will be supine, others sitting, and standing as well. This is a workshop that welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to decompress, relax, and apply easy ideas to feel better in one of the areas where we hold the most tension.