Yoga With Props: Inverted Asanas

Saturday, September 29th @ 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Props help to perform the asanas with ease. The student understands and learns asana faster on props as the brain remains passive. Through passive brain one learns to be alert in body and mind. Props are guides to self-learning. They help accurately without mistakes.” B.K.S. Iyengar

Props are an important characteristic of Iyengar Yoga; they serve as a means to achieve alignment, stability, precision and prolonged stay in postures. They allow us to unfold the space of an asana and acquaint us with some poses that otherwise be too difficult to practice. They bring awareness and the chance to stay longer creating a deeper sense of bodily regions.

Inverted postures have deep effects on the mind. They take care of general health such as postural and functional correction of the body. They will take care of circulation, digestion, excretion and so on. They also aid in hormonal balance.
Poses that take us upside down change the direction of gravity in the the body and shift the bearing load to the arms, shoulders, chest, and neck. They can present a challenge for most students so props can play an important role in introducing inversions gradually and safely until the student feels ready for the final pose.

Open to all levels of practitioners with healthy necks, but one should not participate if on your menstrual cycle.

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